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Two night show

Hi everyone,

I've wanted to see Rusted Root live for so long. I'm really excited because they're finally coming to my town. They're playing two shows - a Friday and Saturday night - and I was wondering if anyone has seen then perform two nights in a row. Do they play the same set both nights? I want to make sure I catch all my favorite songs, but if both sets are the same, I only have to catch one. Thanks in advance for your input!

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Root will be there!

I have a ticket for Bonnaroo that I can't use. It is not this weekend, but the next, in Manchester, Tennessee. I can't aford to make the trip out there. I'll sell it for what I bought it for ($184.50 + s/h = $209 total) and will ship it to you for free. It's just a week away. I'd like to sell this asap! If you're interested, let me know and we'll work out the details. I swear I'm not out to take your $ and run, and it's 100% a legit tix. THIS MUSIC WEEKEND CANNOT BE MISSED! I'm SO bummed I can't make it!

Pic of tix & list of artists/commedians hereCollapse )
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my name is seth
ive probably been listening to rusted root since the age of ten, and i still think theyre awesome
my first show i have ever really gone to was a rusted root show and it was actually last friday, at the state theatre in portland, maine.
it was an awesome show with the jazz mandolin project opening for them. i really want to see them again now. if you went to that show, i was the one in the big crowd dancing like a hippie and smoking...o wait that was everyone.
thats all i have to say, thank you for your eyes and ears
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Hi I'm new

Hi all! I'm so excited. I'm going camping this weekend at Nelson Ledges in Ohio (about an hour from where I live) and the main reason is to see Rusted Root. I saw Michael Glabicki solo in Kent a couple months ago, which was pretty cool too. I'm going this weekend to this weekend music festival with my girlfriend, my kids (who also love Rusted Root) and my mom. They are performing on Sunday night in the open air. Should be a blast!
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liz berlin cd release show

for those of you who don't know -

this saturday is the liz berlin cd release show at mr. small's in millvale (just outside of pgh)

details below (from the website):

“AudioBioGraphical” is the debut solo studio album from Liz Berlin, founding member of Island Def Jam’s multi-platinum selling group, Rusted Root, partner in the “Mr. Smalls Theatre-Recording Studios-SkateParks” empire and point person of its non-profit offshoot Creative.Life.Support. The tracks on AudioBioGraphical” find Liz front and center as a standout voice within an ever-changing palette of instruments, textures, loops and moods. Liz breaks new ground in this remarkable self-produced effort with a solid variety of sounds moving effortlessly through and around genres.

all ages, 8pm.

in addition, there is a $25 VIP ticket you can buy featuring an autographed copy of the cd, as well as wine tasting and a special early set!
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See the bloody faces lifted to the sky
Do you want to run to a future left behind?
I remember asking why, there lies aggression.
Separation where there should be love
Power plays while the people die
Let it rain and protect us from this cruel sun

I remember asking why, there lies aggression
Separation where there should be love
Power plays while the people die
I remember asking why, I remember asking why I remember asking why, I remember asking why, why.

Open up your eyes, your eyes and let the child learn.
Open up your eyes, and let the child learn

Let it rain, and protect us from this cruel sun

Why does war kill only the small man? Why does war kill only the small man? I think we know, yes, we know I think we know, know, know

I remember asking why. I remember asking why. I remember asking why.

Let it rain, and protect us from this cruel sun
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hey hey now, how is everyone?

i went to see liz and jenn perform together this weekend at mr. small's and have a couple of updates for you:

(1) jenn wertz is 6 months pregnant - who knew?! she is due in january and is having a boy. she looks GREAT. (as usual)

(2) both liz and jenn confirmed in two separate conversations, that root is currently booked for a new years eve show in pittsburgh. not sure of the venue but it seems like it's a go...

liz said from now on, shows will probably be pretty few and far between as everyone is concentrating on their own projects (and families, by the looks of it) but that they are not calling it quits, as a band. so... some good news, kinda bittersweet but understandable. that will just make the remaining shows that much more special, hopefully.

that's it for now :)
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i've joined this who know's how long ago, perhaps when this community first started. and yet i havent written anything in it...ever. i wouldn't know what to write in a rusted root lj anyhow. only that...i like rusted root?! well enough to be invited to this i guess...muh- thumbs down for rainy days and doctors who are shmucks.
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